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The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is the central executive public body in the system of Ukrainian government responsible for developing, implementation and monitoring nation-wide policies in the areas of education and science. Programmes and initiatives launched and supported by the Ministry aim at providing greater access to high-quality, internationally recognized education and training opportunities for Ukrainian and foreign students, researchers, academic and administrative staff.

The Ministry operates under the system of Directorates Generals in charge of evidence-based policy making in various fields of education and science (pre-school and school education, vocational education and training, higher education, inclusive education, innovation and technological transfer, science and research, strategic planning and European integration).

Structural reforming and capacity building in higher education have a profound impact on the policy formation and are central to boosting competitiveness  of the national system of higher education, particularly, within the framework of integration into the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area. In that, solid competence and proactive role of the Ministry serve as the cornerstone for safeguarding the success and welfare of Ukraine and its citizens as integral part of European nations.

The main objectives of the current higher education reform encompass institutionalization of effective system of higher education quality assurance, establishing synergy between higher education and research, modernization of the national qualifications system, increasing effectiveness and efficiency of the funding models, and enhancing its international dimension.

The Ministry works towards establishing compliance with the requirements and standards of the European Union in areas of education and research and takes into account best national and institutional practices of the EHEA and ERA stakeholders.