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Documents and Materials Developed So Far


Dissemination Strategy: A comprehensive strategy has been developed to effectively disseminate the outcomes and knowledge generated by the ClimEd Project. This strategy outlines the methods and channels for distributing information to targeted audiences, ensuring maximum reach and impact.


Promotional Materials for the Project:


Leaflet: An A4 double-sided convertible leaflet has been designed, providing concise information about the project, its objectives, and expected outcomes. This leaflet serves as an easily distributable piece of material for broad audience engagement.


Poster: A 100 x 100 cm poster has been designed for use in exhibitions and public spaces. The poster effectively communicates the project’s key messages and invites public interest and engagement.

  • a layout m-copy for a poster
  • a poster in a reduced size:

Door Sticker (A5 format): A door sticker of A5 format has been produced for organizations that are partners of the project. This sticker helps in identifying and branding the spaces associated with the project.


Standalone Banner: A standalone banner measuring 200 x 90 cm has been created for display at conferences, workshops, and other events. This visually engaging banner helps in increasing project visibility and awareness.

  • a layout m-copy for a banner
  • a banner in a reduced size