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Odessa State Environmental University (OSENU), founded in 1932, is the key higher education centre in Ukraine in the area of Environmental Studies, Hydrometeorology, Management, Computer Science and Water Bio-Resources. OSENU offers both full-time studies (1350 BSc, 150 MSc and 55 PhD students) and distance learning facilities (1200 students). In the field of Hydrometeorology OSENU has been training specialists for the WMO for more than 50 years. The curricula for training specialists meet all international standards and are acknowledged by hydrometeorological services all over the world. Since 1957 the University has provided training for some 1600 specialists form more than 70 countries, including circa 150 Candidates and Doctors of Science. Two of OSENU graduates, members of IPCC, Alioune Ndiaye and Oleg Sirotenko were among the awarded the Nobel Peace Prize (2007). For the time being foreign citizens of 27 countries have been provided education at the University.

Training at OSENU Hydrometeorological Institute is provided in the field of Meteorology, Agrometeorology, Hydrology, Oceanology, Hydrography. Within the domain of Meteorology as a speciality there exist the following specializations: Weather Forecasting, Aeronautical Meteorology, Radiometorology and Radiolocation, Polar Meteorology, Atmospheric Geophysics and Climatology.

The Faculty of Master and Post-Graduate Studies coordinates the annual scientific conference for OSENU young scientists, as well as the activity of the Council of Young Scientists and the Board for Students’ Research. Furthermore, OSENU hosts the annual International Conference on Regional Environmental Problems for young scientists and the biannual International Conference for Young Scientists on Topical Issues of Modern Hydrometeorology.

In 2012 a Coordination Centre for Training and Retraining of Specialists in Agricultural Meteorology, Agroecology and Climate Change from the CIS countries was established as a result of the joint actions under 159352-TEMPUS-FI-TEMPUS-JPHES, 159173-TEMPUS-DE-TEMPUS-JPCR and 511390-TEMPUS-1-2010-1-SK-TEMPUS-JPCR projects, and in 2014 it became an International Training Сentre in Environmental Science. In 2012-2014 OSENU participated in ORIENTGATE project (‘A structured network for integration of climate knowledge into policy and territorial planning’, INTRA-5100828) under EU SEE TCP.